“Essence of Japan” balance and well-being

Massage has become a commonplace experience, but the one we offer at Casa Anamaria is much more than a massage, it is an experience that will transport you to Japan.

To indulge you far beyond your body and caress your soul, we offer you the ancient “path of beauty” which, according to Japanese tradition, is a reflection of the balance between the mind, body and spirit, as expressed in the face. We offer different blends of harmonious treatments that make you feel truly rejuvenated. 


You can choose between three combinations, carefully designed in keeping with the highly prized rituals of Japanese beauty:


SHIATSU: 60 min - €120

This is a traditional Japanese acupressure massage to tone, relax and balance the body and mind.


KOBIDO: 60 min - €140

A Japanese facelift massage with essential oils, combining relaxing and stimulating techniques to release stress and achieve inner calm and a radiant, fresh-looking face.


IMPERIAL PACKAGE: 90 min - €190

Enjoy the experience of the Samurai and Japanese Empresses with this 90-minute fusion of SHIATSU & KOBIDO.


Treat yourself to a relaxing ritual sure to leave you fully revitalized. Create a unique journey and allow your senses to explore the ancient medicine alongside modern therapies, naturally balanced to bring you to a paradise of beauty and well-being. 

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