Equilibrium HealthHeaven Experience

Imagine a private health practice at a healing area of our hotel or in a peaceful location surrounded by nature and crystalline turquoise water or a calm beach at the sunset

There is nothing better than vacations. Vacations that cultivate health are excellent and awe-inspiring. The sensation of a HealtHeaven experience session stabilize your mind, body and soul. Let immerse yourself and enjoy your holidays with one of the most beneficial techniques. Our team, trainers and instructors, firmly believe that everybody deserves effective and affordable healthcare for both mind and body. All ages are welcome as well as personal ability or personal circumstances our services are inclusive. If you need to improve your quality of life, this experience will nurture you. We will provide you with some tools and piece of advice in order to get your maximum potential in a relaxed, positive and fun environment.


Which are the activities that we offer to you?


HealtHeaven activities                                                  HealtHeaven experiences

· Yoga

- Private Yoga&meditation session                                      - Private Session

- Kids Yoga                                                                               - Sungazing and Sunrise healtheaven activity

- Partner-tantra Yoga (2 hours)                                            - Weekend retreat (2 sessions per day)

- Aerial fitness Yoga (1h)                                                       - Hiking/cycling and one healtheaven activity (3hours)

                                                                                                    - Private Session trip (lake/beach) - 3hours


-Hipo-gim-lates (hipoabdominal, pilates & back work)



Water (saltwater swimming pool):

-Aquadance (gym. dance & pilates)



· 1 sessió de ioga o pilates o aquagym per a 1 persona = 80€  // OFERTA 2 persones al preu de 1

· A partir de la tercera persona = 15€ més per persona

OFERTA 2 activitats seguides el mateix dia: 1 o 2 persones x 2 activitats = 120€


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